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Opening night..

View of the Kennedy gallery
View of the Kennedy gallery
View of the Ghikas gallery
Admiring "Perdant Magnifique" by Irini Karayannopoulou
Admiring “Easter week!” and Lascivious Joys  by Panos Skouloudis
Artists George Tserionis, Thanos Moutsopoulos, Panos Skouloudis
Artists Andreas Vousouras, Costis Triantafyllou 
in front of  "Easter week!" and "Happy Thanksgiving!"
by Panos Skouloudis
Panos Skouloudis with fan
George Tserionis, admiring "Ministry of Finance" by Iliodora Margellos
"Easter week!" by Panos Skouloudis
View of the Ghikas gallery
View of the Ghikas gallery
Work "Ship of Fools" by Andreas Vousouras
View of the Ghikas gallery
Work "SYRRIZA" by Iliodora Margellos 
Installation 34 (XXXIV) by Babis Karalis
Back: "X-Rays" by Kamillo Nollas (left) and 

"Time-Deniers" by Iliodora Margellos
Admiring Installation 34 (XXXIV) by Babis Karalis
Irini Karayannopoulou in front of her work "Perdant Magnifique"
"Who's afraid of Richard Nixon
by Konstantinos Patsios
 Babis Karalis with art-lover Antigone Nounou
Kamillo Nollas and his work "X-Rays"
Iliodora Margellos and her work "Ministry of Finance
Konstantinos Tzoumas and friend admiring 
"Ministry of Finance" by Iliodora Margellos
Maria Lianou with her work
Ira Papadopoulou and Aggelos Antonaropoulos
Antigone Nounou next to "Native land #8" by George Tserionis
Panos Skouloudis in front of his works
Apostolos Zerdevas in front of his installation
Mark Hadjipateras admiring "Ship of Fools" by Andreas Vousouras
"The Watergate" by Konstantinos Patsios (left) and 
"Perdant Magnifique" by Irini Karayannopoulou

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Works and exhibition views

From left to right,"Native land #8", George Tserionis,
"Who's afraid of Richard Nixon", Konstantinos Patsios,"Lascivious toys"
and "Easter week!"Panos Skouloudis 

"Lascivious toys", Panos Skouloudis

"Time-Deniers"Iliodora Margellos, Installation 34 (XXXIV),
Babis Karalis

"X- Rays", Kamillo Nollas,"Installation 34 (XXXIV)",Babis Karalis

detail,"Ship of Fools", Andreas Vousouras, back "Installation 34
)",Babis Karalis
,"X- Rays"Kamillo Nollas 

"Ship of Fools", Andreas Vousouras

"X- Rays"Kamillo Nollas

"Time-Deniers"Iliodora Margellos

Ιnstructions for a readymade insurgencyApostolos Zerdevas 

"SYRRIZA", Iliodora Margellos 

"Secure Place _Limited Warranty", Maria Lianou

"Untitled/Kafka", Andreas Vousouras 

View of the exhibition

"Installation 34 (XXXIV)",Babis Karalis

"Installation 34 (XXXIV)",Babis Karalis

"Native land #8", George Tserionis

"Who's afraid ofRichard Nixon", Konstantinos Patsios

"Ministry of Finance", Iliodora Margellos

"Nova Roma", Konstantinos Patsios

"the watergate",Konstantinos Patsios 

"Perdant Magnifique"Irini Karayannopoulou

Maria Lianou